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Pleated screen door        風琴折疊式紗門


專為配合門戶而設計, 特別針對極寬闊的

花園門, 露台門. 可收納網簾的操作,
造就了100%採光 , 無障礙地盡覽室外風光;
無地面路軌的設計, 安全進出無障礙.

單門, 對開門及多幅組合的彈性裝嵌,

可依據門戶的實際寬度決定, 絕不會受


Aluminium punch hole plate gate


Pleated screen door

Line with the portal design, especially for very wide Garden doors & patio doors. With all the mesh admitted to one or both ends, screen door can be fully opened and creating a 100% natural lighting, the unobstructed panoramic outdoor scenery; furthermore, without ground track design, access accessibility.
Flexible assembly of Side opened, center opened and multiple partitions combo can fit door opening with different width.

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